Food manufacturing tastes managed cloud solutions



The company is led by an owner who conservatively approaches significant business changes, especially when concerning operations. However, the organization’s CFO is very progressive and believes in an outward-facing IT organisation.

To reach a mutual decision, the client performed a comparative cost analysis on building a new data center versus leveraging a third-party managed services provider and decided the latter option was more cost efficient.


The OnX sales and solution architects were called upon to design a colocation solution to meet the client’s request. However, our team’s instincts and insights led us to submit a fully managed “wildcard” bid in tandem. We felt the CFO would appreciate a second option, even if the company did not ask for alternate proposals.

The alternative bid—a fully managed option—demonstrated the value and power of the OnX cloud, as well as the enhanced security benefit of having a managed disaster recovery secondary site.

The solution addressed a common theme we see over and over: a missing security patch management program could put a business at risk of exposure to vulnerabilities.


OnX delivered a creative solution that the food manufacturer didn’t even know they needed. The client now has a multi-site cloud solution that protects their IT environment from downtime and security threats. The solutions provided by OnX freed up their internal IT resources so that they could focus on strategic initiatives moving forward while improving security and reducing costs.

The client can avoid large capital deployments for data center infrastructure and leverage the power of the OnX cloud.