Delivering Transformational Business Results with CBTS and Amazon Web Services



The client wanted to upgrade its inefficient IT model and migrate to the cloud but they did not have a strong understanding of their current environment or the complex interdependencies. The legacy model required more time and money than they wanted to invest, so the company sought a partner who could help reduce waste and allow its IT personnel to focus on strategic business objectives rather than constant upgrades and troubleshooting. However, it did not want to add additional personnel or resources to achieve this objective, so it also looked for an experienced and certified provider who could help establish goals and ensure a successful outcome.


CBTS assigned a team of subject matter experts to assess the financial firm’s needs. This included understanding and documenting both the environment, business operations, and the myriad of the application and infrastructure relationships, and complex dependencies.

After three months, CBTS established a roadmap and communication plan for decommissioning the old environment and migrating to a new, agile, and streamlined cloud-based infrastructure. This migration included developing a cloud-based network with disaster recovery and security precautions to eliminate risk to their critical data.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) was determined to be the optimal cloud-computing platform due to operating efficiencies and staff familiarity with its operations. CBTS migrated 31 applications to AWS in a year, equivalent to one app every other week. It also decommissioned 164 unnecessary applications, 598 end of life servers, and 468 databases. CBTS was able to reduce the firm’s 25 versions of operating systems to just two standard operating system versions in AWS.


Digital transformation and modernization services provided by CBTS reduced the financial service provider’s data center footprint by 50 percent. By moving from more than 25 operating system instances to two standard instances on AWS, the business saved a significant amount of time and money. Through their journey to the cloud, the financial firm was able to save money by eliminating underutilized hardware and application licensing, and improve their security posture.

By using infrastructure as code, CBTS enabled a repeatable and auditable infrastructure that reduces risk through automation to deliver consistent and measurable outcomes.

The solution provided by CBTS also reduced the financial service provider’s expenditures on labor and overhead. By leveraging the business’ existing tools and skill sets, CBTS ensured the company could support the platform long-term and had the documentation and support they would need moving forward.