Customized Application and Infrastructure Solutions Help Fintech Client Enhance Customer Service



The client is a national company that depends on data center staff to manage calls every day from the customers. The staff needs quick access to hundreds of millions of documents in order to serve their customers who are trying to make a payment, or who are waiting on a payment.

The client was using an outdated application to support their data center staff. It would routinely take staff 5 minutes to submit a query, and up to 30 minutes to find the necessary documents – an inefficient process that created a negative customer experience. The client’s data center was also running on outdated technology that would not support a custom-built data retrieval application. The client required a custom-built solution that addressed these current needs and would scale for future growth, but lacked the internal IT resources to plan and execute this project.


The client engaged the CBTS IT Consulting Practice, application development team, to create customized application and infrastructure solutions, and to augment their current IT staff, which consists primarily of AS-400 developers.

The CBTS team built a new application on .NET Core, using Elasticsearch technology, and engineered the necessary data-pumping architecture to move data from their legacy system. The CBTS team also designed and implemented the required technology infrastructure to support this new application at the client’s data center.


  • Pilot testing demonstrates application is reducing search time from up to 30 minutes to less than
    10 seconds.
  • The client now has integrated data center networking infrastructure to support new application
    and anticipated future growth.
  • CBTS is augmenting the client’s existing IT staff to provide ongoing support without increasing their
    IT headcount.