Customer engagement innovation for retail business



Business and technology challenges the client faces include:

  • Speed to market for digital services, with increasing competition in the market place.
  • Resource constraints to support the ability to scale up quickly.
  • Technical debt.
  • Burstable workloads.
  • Limited work space to accommodate temporary resources.
  • Network bandwidth due to a dispersed workforce demographic.


The client engaged CBTS to own the implementation, delivery, and support of the services that are increasingly part of this digital space. CBTS provided two autonomous scrum teams consisting of a scrum master, product owners, lead technical developers, senior developers and software development test engineers (SDET) to support the client’s personalization team.

In addition, CBTS has established a repeatable framework that supports the personalization team’s need to scale with the ability to add additional scrum teams. The CBTS team is positioned to take ownership of the customized application development and e-mail marketing services, including the new development work needed to support the customer engagement growth and e-mail marketing product roadmaps for the client. This will allow the customer to leverage data science to analyze the customers’ buying trends and predict consumption habits and interest while promoting healthier living. CBTS also provided the client with an office facility to remediate their work space challenge and addressed network-related challenges through the installation of a dedicated site-to-site VPN tunnel between the client’s location and the office facility.

CBTS app development services Included:

  • Java 8
  • J2EE
  •  MicroServices
  • Spring Boot Strap
  •  NoSQL (Mongo and Cassandra databases)
  •  Neo4j Graph Database
  •  Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF)
  •  Apache Kafka


Improved the client’s speed to market to reach consumers with new products, services, and offers before their competitors.

  • Seamless integration model was built to scale based on the demand via independent, self-sufficient, and
    agile teams.
  • Provided dedicated network line for the client to minimize the network-related challenges for remote
  • Addressed the client’s real estate and office space challenges by providing them with office space.