City of Mississauga



The city of Mississauga consulted with their constituents who told them they wanted a city that provided a more pedestrian orientated environment. Their citizens said they wanted to move about more easily using city transit and alternative transportation to reduce automobile congestion. They also prioritized a prosperous city that provided jobs with an emphasis on being environmentally sensitive. To accomplish this, the city began the process of finding the right technology partners to help them get there.


OnX consulted with the city of Mississauga to understand where their capabilities were, where they would like to be in the future and then outlined a strategic road-map to reach their desired state. A data centre refresh, Cisco Zero Trust strategy, application/workload modernization and automation was completed within their environment. Throughout the city a Cisco Wireless Mesh network was built-out, providing data gathering points and connectivity for numerous applications and integrated with the back-end SDE Data Centre.


Mississauga is now a more pedestrian oriented city with dynamic connectivity of previously hard, independent services. With the help of OnX, the city has implemented a foundational infrastructure for technology applications with services and experiences that can differentiate Mississauga from other cities in CA. The city is now agile, with the scalability and security needed to innovate, grow and improve the lives of the citizens of Mississauga.