Canadian Specialty Apparel Chain



A specialty apparel retailer with more than a hundred stores across Canada had an outdated legacy eCommerce platform that made it extremely difficult to satisfy their mobile-savvy clientele. Like most retailers facing unprecedented disruption from online competitors and mobile technologies, the apparel chain had an urgent need to update and modernize its eCommerce platform.

The specialty retail chain faced four key challenges:

  • Broken processes on the company website caused users to abandon their shopping carts, eroding profitability and customer trust.
  • The eCommerce site lacked a responsive design to support mobile and tablet users, crippling efforts to improve mobile commerce.
  • The marketing department was diverting development budget dollars away from its most urgent priorities just to keep the legacy platform up and running.
  • Lack of automation and scheduling distracted business and marketing personnel from their most important duties.


OnX certified Salesforce Commerce experts documented the company’s eCommerce environment and identified opportunities for improvement that meshed with the leadership’s goals and budget.

The engagement had three key components:

  • Identifying the minimum must-haves for overall technology capabilities. Momentum Digital replaced some obsolete tools while repurposing underperforming portions of the website — keeping parts that were stillworking fine and making sure everything integrated with the backend systems. By avoiding the urge to replace everything, OnX helped the company rein in costs and accelerate time to market.
  • Delivering a Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform customized for immediate needs while allowing for future growth.
  • Creating the system’s development road map and paving the way for cooperation on future upgrades.


The apparel retail chain has a responsive website that suits the demands of mobile users and dramatically reduces the likelihood of abandoned shopping carts — capturing more revenue and captivating more customers.

The website’s innovative, cloud-based eCommerce platform meets all current needs and is poised to grow with the company. The marketing department can now focus its development budget on meeting continuous improvement goals. Website operations have been automated, freeing marketing and business staff from unproductive distractions.

Finally, the apparel retailer has a technology partner to help it adapt and thrive in an everchanging marketplace.