Secure and control your data

Modern enterprises are seeing their data volumes increasing exponentially, creating a challenge for legacy storage and management platforms. Given how crucial data has become for critical business processes, this is not just an IT problem but one that affects an entire organization.

OnX Canada has developed a portfolio of solutions that allow you to quickly develop a disaster recovery system that reduces the time and cost of data restoration and business continuity.

Our seasoned engineers assess your current environment to ensure the right solution design for your organization.  From flash arrays to dense storage, geo-dispersed or in the cloud, you will be ensured your data has unparalleled backup, archive, and disaster recovery protection.

Male IT professional on laptop in server room

Reduce complexity while cutting expenses

  • Assessments

    Receive a customized assessment of your storage infrastructure to identify ways to optimize resources and align capabilities with business goals.

  • Custom solution

    OnX provides a vendor-neutral analysis of your specific needs to determine the custom solution to fit your operational and budgetary requirements.

  • Transition to a consumption model

    Request a cost analysis to determine the economic and business value of consumption IT.

  • Monitoring and Management

    Our trained professionals provide full-time management and monitoring of the entire solution, giving your IT staff the flexibility to address core business functions.