Steps OnX has taken to minimize the impact to our customers


  • BUSINESS FUNCTIONS: The OnX Business Resiliency team is in regular contact with local, state, and federal agencies to monitor the situation and ensure that we are deploying best practices in response to the situation.
  • CRITICAL FUNCTIONS: OnX has strategies in place to maintain all critical functions. Our network and platforms are designed to allow secure remote access and support by our employees. We will continue to manage and monitor the stability of our network and perform maintenance activity.
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: OnX employees can answer calls, log tickets, and troubleshoot issues remotely should this become necessary..
  • TRAVEL: OnX has suspended all business travel in order to reduce the risk of possible exposure. We implemented a restriction in early February, and will keep this measure in place as long as necessary..
  • WORK FROM HOME: Where possible, OnX employees have been asked to work remotely to reduce the risk of possible exposure.

You may reach out to the OnX Resiliency Team at to learn more about our internal planning.