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Configure, Host and Test Custom Solutions Before Implementation and Reduce the Cost and Complexity of Onsite Installation

Our clients understand that time is money. To streamline onsite installation of their new systems, clients often partner with OnX Canada to build and test their equipment in the OnX Integration Center. With complete integration services ranging from hardware verification testing to complex system builds and POC hosting, clients are able to stage, integrate and asset tag equipment, reducing time spent on site dealing with boxes and “DOA” systems. That means less downtime and ease of installation, giving clients confidence when the equipment arrives on site, it’s just plug-and-play. Your new systems have been tested and are ready to go.

Our 12,000 sq. ft. integration center has a capacity of 25 full racks per week and is equipped for both AC and DC integration, VPN Client Access and dedicated logistics (warehousing and storage, and flexible shipping options).

Services Include:

  • Asset tagging and management
  • Turnkey integration and staging
  • Warehousing/consolidating single- and multi-vendor shipments
  • Onsite installation, verification, and acceptance
  • VPN or onsite access for testing and configuration
  • Onsite installation guides and documentation
  • Customized Operational Run Books

Turnkey Integration and Staging for a Quicker, Cleaner IT Infrastructure Implementation

Our team at the OnX Integration Center can help. For more information, download the infosheet.


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