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You can’t take IT with you when you go. Or can you?

Ron Nemecek is a Technical Sales Specialist at OnX Enterprise Solutions.

There once was a time, believe it or not, when technology was exclusive to your healthcare organization’s IT department. It was the realm of IT geeks locked up in a data center day and night – a caged, static-free technology pod, dimly lit, with a continuous whir of fans. Beware! If you’re not in IT, enter at your own risk!

Bridging the Gap Between IT and Business

With the evolution of the Internet, the Cloud, and the required mobility of business critical applications, all facets of the healthcare enterprise are entrenched in the world of IT. This transformation has been dubbed by the IT industry as the “New Style of Business.” In fact, as we learned from visitors to our OnX Booth at HIMSS 2015, healthcare organizations across the globe are focused intently on making this transformation. Healthcare leaders are bringing together specialists from traditional IT and their pivotal lines of business for collaboration, connecting these departments to technology companies that can help the organization overcome challenges and drive toward business goals.

A Unique Perspective for Healthcare

For us, it’s been interesting being an active participant during this important transition. OnX, for the last 30+ years, has been known for the value we bring to IT departments. Now we find ourselves interacting directly with team members from all lines of business within the healthcare enterprise, bringing what we know about technology to the table to help address business challenges. We have become a trusted advisor that is able to bridge the gap between IT, the business lines and operations.

In this new role, OnX brings our collective knowledge of healthcare, IT infrastructure, software and services to aid in collaborative, solutions-based discussions. Participating in a number of these conversations over the last couple of years between OnX strategists and our healthcare clients, I’m beginning to understand the value healthcare members see in our organization. We offer a unique perspective. We’re entrenched enough to understand the intricacies of the healthcare industry and required business outcomes. As an outsider, we’re depended upon for our expertise in knowing the latest technology available from our world-class technology partners, and for designing custom solutions to address each client’s unique needs.

Our Investment in Healthcare Innovation Pays Off for Clients

Moving forward, OnX is continuing to build our healthcare expertise, and we’ve made a significant investment in the HIMSS Innovation Center at the Cleveland Global Center for Health Innovation. Our permanent, interactive booth features extensive healthcare industry solutions designed from our perspective in our new role as a trusted advisor to IT, valued healthcare team member and industry collaborator. Visitors to the Cleveland Global Center for Health Innovation can tour the HIMSS Innovation Center on the 4th Floor and visit the OnX booth. The interactive displays highlight our unique capabilities in application mobility, data security, application retirement/consolidation/migration and Big Data analytics. Stop in, discover, explore and evaluate proven solution frameworks that deliver measurable business results. Before leaving the OnX booth, your team can schedule a sit-down with an OnX strategist or join us for coffee with one of our consultants to identify business challenges and opportunities, and begin a collaborative discussion that will enhance business outcomes in your healthcare enterprise