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Why hosted cloud security with CloudGuard SaaS is ideal for guarding your SD-WAN environment

With networking technology and transport media becoming smarter and more efficient every year, enterprises that embrace new solutions like cloud computing and Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) are setting themselves up for continued success.

On the other hand, no matter how revolutionary these innovations are, the organizations that rely on them must not allow their security measures to fall behind. Even powerful cloud-enabled networking environments must be protected from scammers, malware, and other intrusions. As the technology powering your business evolves, so too must your defensive strategy.

Completing the package

Many organizations have come to rely on SD-WAN to manage and improve connectivity from a single dashboard, while the adoption of Network- as a Service (NaaS) is also on the rise. These solutions are paving the way for future-focused enterprises to simplify their connections, shed unnecessary network upkeep functions, and concentrate on their bottom line.

Embracing SD-WAN and NaaS is only one piece of the puzzle—a robust, hosted cloud security approach is needed to create a comprehensive and fully functional modern networking infrastructure. To be truly complementary to your SD-WAN and NaaS solutions, this security solution should meet a series of criteria:

  • Offer next-generation cloud-native threat prevention as a service.
  • Enable public cloud security and compliance measures.
  • Increase protection and threat assessment across all applicable virtual networks.

These features are broadly considered to be a bare minimum for any modern, cloud-capable security solution. Additionally, your organization may prioritize other functions you need from a managed threat assessment package that go beyond basic bot and virus protection.

What to look for in next-gen security

Threat emulation functionality is a cutting-edge feature that prevents infections from new malware and targeted attacks, delivering the best possible catch rate for threats to your network. With the right threat emulation program in place, attackers will have a much more difficult time navigating your defenses.

URL filtering is another valuable tool that maintains categorized lists of problematic URLs and automatically flags any attempts by end users to access them. This can be used to prevent users from accessing inappropriate, unsafe, or irrelevant websites that you don’t want users to access.

Continuous intrusion protection, when properly automated, can form a nearly impenetrable barrier around your network environment that constantly monitors your network to identify, track, and shut down potential threats. As it stops external attacks, your intrusion protection program can also learn and compile actionable data and analytics about threats to your network.

Application controlis a crucial component of any full-spectrum security program that restricts unauthorized applications from executing in ways that put proprietary data at risk.

Why Check Point CloudGuard Connect and CloudGuard SaaS?

Making it available as a bolt-on, CBTS is bringing Check Point CloudGuard SaaS to market. CloudGuard SaaS is a cloud service tailored to address real SaaS threats. More than just a cloud access security broker (CASB), it blocks attacks intended to steal data on common SaaS applications and cloud e-mail. It provides complete protection against malware and zero-day threats, sophisticated phishing attacks, and hijacking of employee SaaS accounts. Users also gain instant threat visibility and data control and protection. Check Point and CBTS can offer differentiated security services to customers moving towards borderless computing (secure access service edge and CASB).

If harnessing the power of cloud computing for a secure SD-WAN environment and managed network is your goal, CloudGuard Connect and CloudGuard SaaS bring everything you need to the table.

“Given today’s advanced cyber threats, it is critical to protect enterprise branch offices connected to the cloud with SD-WAN. Check Point CloudGuard Connect is integrated with leading SD-WAN vendors in the cloud to secure branches in minutes,” says Erez Yarkoni, head of the Telco Division at Check Point Software Technologies. “We’re excited to partner with [OnX] to help drive enterprise digital transformation, with a special emphasis on branch office SD-WAN security.”

“[We have] leveraged SD-WAN technologies to help our customers along their journey to the cloud and their path to digital transformation,” adds Jon Lloyd, director of cloud networking for OnX. “Organizations are now facing the challenge of how to secure this new, flexible, always-on network where an application can live anywhere in the world, and employees can work from anywhere in the world. Check Point’s CloudGuard Connect and CloudGuard SaaS enable our customers to make the network decisions and application decisions that are best for their organization without the added difficulty of securing a malleable, distributed network. We are delivering peace of mind now, along with our flexibility and convenience.”

Reach out to OnX for more information on how Check Point CloudGuard Connect can protect and enhance your cloud-enabled network environment.

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