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What we’re learning about our clients through Net Promoter Score (NPS)

As a client-first culture, OnX works diligently to ensure clients are satisfied with our delivery of IT solutions and services. We have many detailed success stories to demonstrate our value, but there are times when we may have missed the mark. To improve our understanding of our client’s experience, we surveyed several hundred individuals in the organizations we serve to capture their satisfaction levels for OnX’s Managed, Professional and Digital services.

The survey participants were made up of decision-makers, influencers, and day-to-day contacts to ensure we’d get a broad range of feedback — not just one voice. The method we used is Net Promoter Score, a respected approach that asks a single straightforward question: How likely are you to recommend OnX to a colleague or friend — on a scale of 0 to 10? The NPS method has three categories of replies, scored accordingly:

NPS Scores ONX

OnX Rankings Compare Well

So, how did we do? The majority of our clients approve of the job OnX is doing for them. Our NPS is 50.6, which is considered excellent by survey standards. We also scored well above the average score for all industries (44) and for our closest industry, technology/hardware/software (32.5).

Regionally, OnX Canada scored an impressive 75.9, and OnX U.S. scored 67.9. The feedback we received shows that we have done an excellent job supporting clients in building technology solutions and providing professional and managed services. We also received feedback indicating we need more focus on the delivery of our digital services.

We appreciate the opinions that have been shared so far and look forward to future surveys that will help us deliver the best possible solutions and services over time.

To learn more about NPS and how it’s used to help organizations get better, here’s a link with all the details:

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