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What does it mean to be a vendor of record for the Canadian Government?

Commercial enterprises are already struggling to keep up with the relentless advance of digital technology, but the challenges faced by government agencies at all levels are particularly daunting. Tight budgets, lack of institutional knowledge, and, in most cases, outdated legacy infrastructure make it exceedingly difficult for most governments to mount the kind of AI-driven, self-service applications that many citizens now take for granted from the private sector.

Add to this the significant security challenges faced by the government and the need to properly vet any and all contractors, and it’s little wonder that public agencies can struggle to remain digitally relevant in how they serve their constituents.

Experienced guidance

As a vendor of record (VOR) for Government, OnX Canada knows better than most what it takes to fulfill the technology mandates of an increasingly data-dependent public service mandate. Our approach is to provide a cost-effective solution aimed at providing convenient, rapid access to highly skilled professionals who are pre-qualified with all of the appropriate certifications and levels of expertise.

Our IT Staffing Solutions for Government program is tailored to meet the needs of all facets of public sector data infrastructure and processes. We’ve developed an easy-to-follow implementation strategy based on the following core functions:

  • Business analysis and planning
  • Architecture and design
  • Solutions development
  • IT Consulting Vendor of Record status

As an approved VOR for Government, OnX is fully authorized to source and deliver IT staffing needs for agencies and departments across the province. This provides a high level of trust that OnX can deliver the human capital needed to fulfill even the most demanding of IT initiatives.

All of our technology experts are rigorously pre-screened and pre-qualified to ensure that they can provide full support for IT infrastructure on day 1. What’s more, on-site personnel receive the backing of our resident technicians for the duration of the contract, providing an extra layer of expertise to oversee not just ongoing operations but future expansion and the introduction of new applications and services.

Smooth transition

Our goal is to reduce the administrative burden on agencies so they can focus scarce resources on delivering the public services that are often critical to citizens’ well-being. We have honed this process over 35 years to ensure that our procurement model delivers effective solutions, solves real-world, practical problems, and creates value for both the agency itself and the public at large.

As mentioned above, a critical element in governmental IT is security. With most agencies handling the private data of perhaps millions of citizens, finding the right security solution is a paramount concern.

As a vetted and approved VOR, OnX is uniquely suited to this challenge because it delivers a level of trust that agencies will receive a highly secure solution tailored to the specific needs of government. Our security solutions offer a full suite of cutting-edge tools overseeing everything from traffic decryption to next-generation web application firewalls. We also provide a full complement of threat intelligence services, incidence response and forensics, and a wide range of static and dynamic app security testing.

When faced with a new and daunting challenge, nothing helps to ease the burden than an experienced partner who knows how to achieve quality results while avoiding costly pitfalls. As a leading IT solutions provider, OnX is uniquely positioned to guide government agencies through the maze of digital transition and the implementation of agile infrastructure and software development.

Contact us for more information on how OnX can leverage its VOR status to help your organization meet its IT goals.