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The value of expertise

Last summer my boat needed to have a portion of it’s outdrive replaced. Being a confident technical engineer-type I thought that I would save some money and make the repair myself.  I removed the portion of the outdrive that needed repair and proceeded to damage it to the point of having to buy a new part. I then tried to put the new part back onto the outdrive and it seemed as difficult as trying to perform an organ transplant with no instructions. Finally, I went to online and Googled for some guidance. Through videos and pictures I saw how “easy” it was and I was finally able to get the parts to come together. All of this took about four weeks given the effort, mistakes, new parts ordered and research to “get it done right.” I had a disappointed family who expected some boating fun during those weeks. Finally the boat made it into the water.

Everything went well and I was proud that I was able to fix such a complicated gear system without having to pay an expensive expert. We had several nice days of boating during July, but on the fourth trip out the engine alarm went off due to overheating. I was dead in the water and had to drop anchor and wait for someone to come and tow me back to dock. The problem as you are probably guessing had to do with shoddy repair work done to the outdrive that misaligned gears shearing the water impeller that cooled the engine.

I was no longer proud of the work that I did. The original job performed by a boat mechanic would have cost $250 and would have been completed in a few days. My effort at “saving money” led to the purchase of an $800 part to replace the one I broke, a month of frustration and non-use of my boat and a disappointed family. Then to add insult to injury, the work I did resulted in my family getting stranded,  a $200 tow into dock and a $250 repair to correct what was caused by ME. I lost $1000, a month of boating  and disappointed my family. I learned my lesson and will rely on an expert next time to do the job properly, the first time, within budget and on time.

We have all seen this or been through this in our careers as Information Technology professionals. Because of limited budgets, pride or just being a technical engineer-type we try and “figure out” a new complex solution on our own and often we see similar results as I saw last summer with the boat. The point I am obviously trying to make in this is to engage the experts when taking on a new technology or large complex project. The experts have done it before, know all of the gotchas, and will make you successful in completing your project on budget, on time, and in a way where it will not break the fourth time you add users to it. OnX Enterprise Solutions has depth of expertise in Data Management and Storage solutions, Networking solutions, and Virtualization and Cloud solutions. We have this expertise from design, to deployment, all the way to providing hosting and/or remote management of your environment.

One of my long-time customers was asked why they worked with OnX and his response was “OnX makes sure that my projects go well and end well.” Now that is something that I am proud of. Engage the experts!

Steve Lankard, Chief Technology Officer, U.S.