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The benefits of deploying a converged infrastructure

It started out as a vendor reference to an integrated blade solution but today converged infrastructure is accepted as an IT industry term across all major manufacturers.  It refers to the integration of compute, network, and storage typically integrated within a blade chassis.  These IT elements are tightly integrated physically and include management software that ties the elements together as a logical IT resource pool from which services are provisioned.  In most cases CI solutions have well integrated software options for automation and orchestration. Converged infrastructure solutions are designed to make IT agile.  They are the hardware ying to the hypervisor yang.

Virtualization and CI along with automation and orchestration software allow for fast and simple deployment of IT services.  What would take weeks or more in a non-converged IT environment now takes just hours.  The many traditional silos of request, approval, sourcing, and provisioning are now gone and this integrated, streamlined, and simple process to create IT services frees up more IT budget for innovation investments.

There are many offerings of converged infrastructure solutions out there.  It can be overwhelming wading through the vast quantities of information available from the manufacturers to determine which implementation of CI will best solve your business needs.  Engaging an experienced IT Solution Provider who understands the CI landscape will allow a faster time to solution and will ensure a solution that is a proper fit for your organizations tactical and strategic needs.

CI is often a component of well-engineered cloud or it can be a point on the journey towards cloud.  At OnX we have expertise across all CI solutions and have these solutions represented in our federated cloud centers of excellence (FCCE) where we can demonstrate, compare and contrast the benefits of each in a controlled environment.  We will expertly help you design and deploy the right CI solution to best serve your business.