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Serving the Connecting Customer Will Require Big Data Solutions

2014 is a year where we saw an organizational shift—where  companies moved towards being ‘always on’ to serve the connected customer. With the proliferation of mobile devices and content delivery portals, it should not be surprising the year also saw escalated efforts by companies to connect with that consumer. As the needs of businesses and consumers continuously evolve, so do the systems providing information and data.

Any improvements made over the last couple of decades have not been enough to address rapid growth, various distribution channels, multiple devices and platforms, as well as changing customer expectations. We know that content production inefficiencies delay time-to-market, introducing unnecessary expenses, and limiting abilities to respond to opportunities or threats. Companies are realizing they need to consolidate their IT into a common infrastructure by managing storage more effectively, and better utilize computing assets in order to ensure content created provides maximum business value.

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