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Retail Commerce Makes a Giant Leap Forward

It’s tough out there for U.S. retailers as Amazon and eBay squeeze traditional store-based businesses. But there is a bit of good news on the retail front: Cloud-based e-commerce technologies are making it easier and more economical for companies to upgrade their technology and improve their customer experience.

Plenty of retailers are trying to get by with technology that’s either outdated or unable to create personalized experiences that today’s online shoppers have come to expect. Before the rise of the cloud and software-as-a-service, retailers faced hefty upfront development, software and hardware costs.

But that challenge is fading with the rise of commerce-as-a-service, which lets retailers develop cloud-based e-commerce systems with a pay-as-you-go model that’s far more attractive because it cuts costs and expands flexibility.

One of the key providers in this space is Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud, which the CRM giant developed after purchasing e-commerce specialist Demandware in 2016. This is a great option for retailers because they can avoid punishing up-front expenses for licensing and architecture. The unique revenue-sharing expense model to e-commerce is another welcome advance.

As a certified Salesforce Commerce partner, OnX has helped many retailers get off of their old antiquated platform and realize the following benefits:

  • Agility. The license and infrastructure costs ebb and flow at pretty much the same rate as your transactions. You pay for what you consume (and what customers buy) yet you get all the rich functionality that Salesforce brings to the table.
  • Predictability. You ramp up resources in your busiest time of the year and dial them back when business slows down again.
  • Economy. Forget about those pricy up-front capital investments. Salesforce is ideal because it is a per-transaction SaaS delivery model that is well suited to retail; after all, there’s neither hardware nor an IT group to manage the infrastructure.
  • Easier upgrades. Hardware-based platforms force you to endure major upgrades every few years to keep software current and maintain infrastructure properly. This is a challenge for all large companies, but it’s especially nettlesome for retailers that have highly seasonal businesses. Cloud-based commerce makes all the upgrades automatically.

OnX Commerce-as-a-service lets you devote more time to your business goals while ensuring you have the resources you need for seasonal spikes in sales. You pay only for the transaction volume you need at the moment.

Commerce Cloud succeeds when you succeed — all enhancements to features and functionality get upgraded automatically, including patching and security.

You don’t need to worry about instant innovation. Instead, you can focus on more innovative ways to please your customers.

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