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Partnering for your HEALTH

At OnX, the dedicated Healthcare Practice understands the business requirements of Healthcare and is determined to respond with world-class technology solutions to help clients achieve better results. Poised to make a difference in Healthcare, Team OnX and its best in class partners are SOLUTION FOCUSED + OUTCOME DRIVEN! Together we share a common goal of reducing the cost of healthcare, delivering more responsive patient services and addressing the challenges of delivering the highest quality patient care across the continuum of care.

Our “5 Rights” approach to service excellence

  • Right Solution
  • Right Provider
  • Right Place
  • Right Time
  • Right Price

The strategic relationships of the OnX Healthcare Practice are positioned to be responsive to current healthcare industry demands. Challenged by fiscal constraints, increased service demand, data requirements and consumer expectations, the Healthcare Practice remains focused on client solutions that will improve operational efficiency and clinical outcomes. In response, OnX forged a strategic partnership with MEDSEEK on January 16, 2012,  . We want the healthcare community to know that we listened….we understand your issues……we want to be your partner…..we want to make a difference together!


MEDSEEK, an industry-leading provider of eHealth and content management solutions to hospitals and healthcare organizations is able to put the pieces of the healthcare information technology (IT) puzzle together. Their eHealth ecosystem is a portfolio of web-based solutions that work together to leverage existing IT investments and infrastructure facilitating secure health information exchange inside institutional walls, throughout the community and beyond. MEDSEEK uses enhanced portal technology to create an unparalleled user experience for patients, physicians, employees and consumers. The user specific unified, single view of relevant information provides secure anywhere, anytime access.

Team OnX “EcoSystem” Partnering for success is the OnX Healthcare Practice’s mantra. Partnering with world-class vendors for the best client solution and partnering with clients to address needs will transform the exchange of health information. In the Team OnX “EcoSystem”, the OnX/MEDSEEK partnership will leverage MEDSEEK’s customer facing eHealth solutions and OnX’s Federated Cloud Framework to help healthcare organizations optimize their IT investments.

The value this partnership brings to healthcare is unprecedented. The cost-effective, quick-time-to-market reliable solution offering is transformational. Institutions no longer need to struggle with disparate data systems, data fragmentation, multiple passwords and different views. As a Registered Nurse and former CIO of a multi-facility organization who purchased and installed the MEDSEEK physician, employee and consumer portals, I experienced firsthand eHealth/digital hospital system transformation. The benefits were far reaching!

Judy Middleton  | Sr. Healthcare Strategist, Healthcare Practice