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How to keep up with data recovery requirements

In order to meet the required performance and availability data access services expected within production environments, enterprise cloud services’ providers will extend a portion of their storage cloud service assets on the client’s premises for handling both active data sets and connecting data replication technologies to their offsite clouds in order to meet geographic requirements […]

Canadian blood services

“Having our data backed up and available at all times is critical to our operations,” says Ivo Mokros, Director of IT Operations and Chief Architect at Canadian Blood Services. “We can’t function if we don’t have access to the records relating to our supply. The data we store also needs to be very secure. We […]

Case Study: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

With increased computational demand and more users requiring access to the systems, the university saturated their existing server environment and needed a solution that would deliver more computational power and better performance. The university partnered with OnX, an IT solutions integrator, and together designed a solution to meet student and researcher’s needs, enabling them to […]

Case Study: Pediatric hospital needs more data storage

The Impact With the new technology in place, the Hospital experienced significantly improved infrastructure capacity, performance and the added benefit of improved management. This improved their ability to treat patients through every stage of their care, from diagnosis to release. The implementation of the new technology also improved the pediatric service and care that the […]

Application delivery framework

The Anatomy of an Application An application can be a standalone entity that typically interacts only with the local OS and device (e.g., word processing application), or client-server based with the client part being an installed program or a standard program, such as a web browser. For the client-server based applications there are two separate […]

OnX Case Study: Downsizing; Is it right for you?

The Impact Any cost savings from reduced facilities and management costs would have been negatively offset by the increased cost of telecommunications and production applications between the two provincial sites. OnX understands that sometimes consolidation isn’t advisable if your models are not going to give you maximum value. We want you to maximize your company’s […]

Crossing roles in the IT environments

In the distributed model datacenter, most of the single purpose servers are attached to the network with a small number of simple single segment connections (most often one), and either use local storage or are connected into the SAN fabric as simple consumers of storage. This is not to say that there are no complex […]

Why consider Cisco UCS for hosting your XenDesktop cloud?

Improved ROI Historically, the component on blade servers that has most limited the number of virtual desktops you can run has been the amount of RAM. The UCS B250 blades support up to 384 GB of memory (or if you are reducing cost you can use 4GB chips instead of 8GB for a total of […]

Vendor agnostic or vendor specialist – Which approach makes sense for you?

So how do you ensure that you are getting the best bang for your buck? (Without creating a management nightmare?) To ensure technology leadership, vendors fill out their portfolios through acquisition and internal development – the larger the company the more difficult it is to innovate quickly enough while acquisitions have pitfalls in consolidating toolsets, […]