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OnX OnDemand Consulting – Innovation in IT resource augmentation

OnX OnDemand Consulting is a time and materials based IT Resource Augmentation consulting model and service that provides clients with flexible and expert resources for all technologies and solutions available from OnX. From infrastructure services to application development and everything within the system development life cycle to cloud and managed services – we offer deep domain expertise in each of these areas, when and where you need it, anywhere in the world.

In the IT Resource Augmentation space, there are really only four factors to consider when looking for a partner:

  • Cost – how much is this going to cost me?
  • Speed – How fast can I get the resources in place?
  • Quality – Are the resources any good?
  • Risk – How much exposure do I have when using third party resources? In the traditional IT Staffing space, no one offers a solution that addresses all critical factors. No one except for OnX.

Option A is using a Staffing agency. They are fast and cheap but they don’t deliver consistent quality and thus they are considered high risk.

Option B is using a Global Solution Provider. They are deliver high quality with lower risk but are very expensive making them an unattractive option where there is cost sensitivity (which these days is pretty much all the time).

Option C is where the OnX OnDemand innovation comes in. We developed a model that allows us to be as fast as the IT Staffing Agency, with the high quality of the Global Solution Providers at a cost that falls between the previous two options. Add one of our highly talented OnX Engagement Managers to the mix and we’ll responsively validate your resource requirement, the actual skill level of each resource, and then integrate, support, and manage the provided resource throughout each engagement. Through this validation process we help each client minimize their resource-related risk and activate the right resource at the right time and at the right cost.

Scott McCormick, Global Director – OnDemand Consulting, OnX