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The Next Great Translation: Hyperscale Cloud

At OnX, we’ve been offering cloud and managed services for over a decade. In the last five years, more and more of our customers have introduced public cloud options to their IT or business strategies.

When I think about today’s hyperscale clouds, I can’t help but look back on the original Lego kits that I loved so much as a kid — you know, the ones with hundreds of pieces that you could assemble in any combination to build anything imaginable. Today’s hyperscale cloud providers offer the same opportunity for our clients. They are globally dispersed development and compute platforms, and while they share some similar services found in enterprise IT, they are fundamentally different.

Moving and managing data centers is the core of our Managed Service business. Transitioning our clients to hyperscale cloud requires a different level of engineering, because much of what we do in the enterprise needs to be translated to Public Cloud.

This translation does require some investment; however, once you’ve done it, the opportunities to accelerate and enhance the value to your business are unlimited. Think of an environment where you can assemble a global transaction application or eCommerce service by putting together the pieces without having to deal with any of the foundational physical data center and network infrastructure.

Getting Help with Your Public Cloud Translation

Much like the lego kits of my childhood, trying to imagine the infinite ways to build a cloud strategy can be a daunting task. The good news is you don’t need to do it on your own. Consider leveraging a cloud expert like OnX who can offer assessments to help you identify your cloud-ready workloads, build a detailed, phased approach to your cloud migration, and work with you to build your business justification and TCO cost models.

While it would be simple to view Public Cloud as simply an opportunity to run servers in someone else’s data center, it offers much more than that in reality. Public Cloud vendors offer the opportunity to transform the way you service your business. Their massive data centers enable scale and reliability with flexible cost and consumption options.

Let the next great translation begin!