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Four questions for IT staffing partners

“What is the biggest challenge you face?”

Ask that of any CIO and his or her answer is probably going to be “the IT talent gap.”

Lack of available IT staff with specific technical qualifications is the biggest challenge companies face now. As the demand for highly skilled professionals keeps growing, your organization is faced with the difficult challenge of competing for the IT talent it needs. To reach your business and technology goals, there are times when a specialist to implement a new technology or to overcome a specific IT challenge, that your current staff may not be capable of, is needed.

If your organization provides services and solutions to other companies, you want to be prepared to take on any lucrative project you are tasked with and that requires having the proper staffing measures and personnel in place. Imagine having to turn down a huge deal because your organization is not adequately staffed with IT talent possessing the technical skills necessary to get the job done.

At OnX Canada, our IT Staffing and Consulting Services can assist your organization with finding, securing, and building lasting partnerships with the technical experts you need. In choosing the IT Staffing and Consulting solution, your organization can rest assured that it is engaging with an experienced IT staffing partner to seek out the talented IT individuals that it needs.

IT staffing partners assist your HR manager in finding the right IT professionals. At OnX, our IT Staffing and Consulting experts are capable of providing the expertise that your current IT staff needs to possess, and could potentially become permanent members of your team.


When selecting a staffing partner, there are four key elements that must be considered:

Does the staffing partner have experience in placing resources in your industry?

Different industries require different knowledge and talents from an IT staff. Any industry will have its own particular requirements and regulations that must be met. As a result, your staffing partner simply has to have a thorough knowledge of your business sector in order to place candidates who can perform the required tasks without a lengthy industry-specific training period.

OnX possesses a database, which contains the CVs of thousands of proven IT professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds. Because of this, OnX has been able to place successful candidates in numerous industries where specialist positions had to be filled.

Do their IT professionals have experience with the type of project under consideration?

It is essential to know your IT staffing partner’s previous experience, not only with your particular industry but also with the particular project being discussed. Because OnX specialists have worked across and in so many sectors, you can rest assured that you are bringing in an experienced partner when you work with us.

Whether you’re migrating to a cloud solution, implementing new technologies, or working to recover from a data breach, it is essential that you keep your business moving forward by partnering with proven staffing consultants.

Does your team possess the required certifications?

Any project you have under consideration will very possibly require IT professionals with specialized education credentials or certificates. Ensure that the IT staffing partner you are prospecting can produce proof that they have available professionals with the required education and technical backgrounds in their database before moving forward with your choice.

The OnX database is designed to allow us to access the appropriate information on all IT candidates who match your particular needs. Not only are our specialists fully certified, but also our team of technology professionals, in turn, supports them. As a technology company, we understand what our clients need from a technical perspective, and we know what it takes to ensure that each engagement succeeds.

It is essential that your IT staffing partner possesses a wide variety of qualified candidates, each holding the certificates needed so that you can be confident you are engaging a candidate – or candidates – who can fit seamlessly within your organization.

Do you offer project management?

It is essential that when you bring new people on staff they have the tools and abilities necessary to work with your current IT staff as a team.

Because of this, employing a project manager to oversee the project and ensure that those tools and abilities are present and mesh together, just makes good sense.

This is yet another reason why in researching the qualifications of your potential IT staffing partner, you ensure that they possess qualified individuals who can serve in project management roles so that communication among departments moves smoothly and the project is completed on time and on budget.

Why OnX IT Staffing and Consulting Services?

OnX IT Staffing and Consulting solutions include project-based resources, staff augmentation services, and permanent hire candidates.

When you are offered a project but aren’t sure you have the required skilled IT professionals on staff, turning to an IT staffing partner like OnX will enable you to accept the project and bring it to a successful conclusion.

OnX has a recruiting pool of more than 40,000 potential candidates and over 900 consultants across all areas of IT. By partnering with OnX, you will have access to these highly skilled, talented professionals at any time.

OnX clients value the quality of our specialists, all of whom have undergone rigorous prequalification. Our resident technical experts actively manage every specialist engagement, setting our IT Staffing and Consulting Services apart from a traditional staffing company approach by reducing administrative burdens and adding value without raising costs.

Our IT Staffing and Consulting Service deploys highly vetted, trained, and certified IT specialists backed by our experienced team of technology professionals. We provide quick access to people with the advanced skills needed to take control of demanding technical projects and environments.

To learn more about leveraging OnX IT Staffing and Consulting to help your company reach its business goals and technological needs, download the infosheet.

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