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Encouraging CFOs to think differently about cloud computing

Jim Czuprynski
Strategic Solutions Architect, Oracle ACE Director
OnX Enterprise Solutions

As an Oracle ACE director who is constantly promoting adoption of new Oracle technology solutions, I often concentrate on talking to the key IT decision-makers — CIOs, CISOs, CTOs, DBA managers, and of course Oracle DBAs.

But in today’s brave new world of IT, it’s often other C-level executives who are acquiring a different perspective for adopting newer technology like Oracle Cloud solutions. Check out this article by Jeffrey O. Henley — former chief financial officer and current vice chairman of Oracle Corporation— that encourages CFOs to think differently and strive for the adoption of potentially revolutionary Cloud-based technologies.

“With the cloud, CFOs have the opportunity to stimulate growth throughout the organization while managing costs. By being strategic partners with the rest of the business, they can play a key role in driving the success of their organization.”

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