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EMC Isilon scale-out has massive key advantages.

EMC Isilon scale-out Data Lake further extends its leadership as an ideal platform to store, manage and protect unstructured data efficiently while supporting a wide range of applications and workloads. Key advantages of EMC Isilon include:

  • Simplified management: Single file system, single volume, global namespace
  • Massively scalable: Scales from 16 TB to over 50 PB in a single cluster
  • Unmatched efficiency: Over 80% storage utilization with automated tiering and data deduplication options
  • Enterprise data protection: Efficient backup and disaster recovery, and N+1 thru N+4 redundancy
  • Robust security and compliance options: RBAC, Access Zones,  WORM data security, File System Auditing, Data At Rest
  • Encryption with SEDs, STIG hardening, CAC/PIV Smartcard authentication, FIPS OpenSSL support
  • Operational flexibility: Multi-protocol support including NFS, SMB, HTTP, FTP and HDFS, Object and Cloud computing including OpenStack Swift

Together, OnX and EMC provide scaled-out storage, a unified analytics platform and development tools that make a massive difference for businesses.  Massive efficiency. Massive scalability. Massive flexibility.

Learn more how EMC Isilon scale-out storage solutions can benefit your organization. Read the EMC Isoilon blog.

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