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Don’t guess your storage – assess!

A few years ago a friend and colleague said that when you’re out of storage your only choice was to buy more. Honestly, 5 or so years ago he was right; today there are more choices and great functionality available. Tiering, thin provisioning, de-duplication and archiving have proven themselves as valid ways to control the need for throwing more disk at the explosion of unstructured data. But how do you know what mix of these technologies will work best in a given environment?

One word; assessment. Another colleague taught me a great phrase, if you’re not assessing, you’re guessing. When you combine the advanced tools that are available with hands on experience, a very accurate and reliable landscape can emerge. Leverage the landscape and tools to perform modeling and what if scenarios, the roadmap becomes apparent.

However, tools are the supporting actor in the story. The starring role is the talented and experienced engineer running the tools, asking the questions and driving the assessment. In my opinion there will never be a replacement for a talented mind and keen insight in to a problem. Let me be the first to say that I’ve seen assessments from button pushers running a tool vs. a real pro, there is a big difference. The pro will take in to account the boundaries of lines of business. A pro will look for the simple solution, not the one with the most bells and whistles to showcase their talents. And finally, a pro has listened during the process so you’ll feel comfortable implementing the recommended changes, not feel like something is being forced.

Choose wisely the team doing the assessment so that the solution design, implementation, and documentation created truly meet the needs of your business.

Bruce Rosenberg, Office of the CTO – Strategist, OnX