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Cloud rumblings from Canada

Cloud initiatives and investment announcements in Canada are starting to heat up with our own recent plug declaring our $20 million investment in data center expansion and deployment of a dual data center, multi-tenant cloud solution, aimed at the mid-large enterprise space. As competition starts to heat up it will be interesting to see which providers have the breadth of offering and depth of support capabilities to deliver on the promises of what the cloud can tantalizingly offer to an enterprise organization.

Not surprisingly, Canadian demand is a few years behind the American market in terms of the adoption of multi-tenant cloud solutions, although private cloud environments have thrived for years, launching mission-critical applications in a shared compute model has seen a “wait and see” approach.  I think we have seen a shift in the tide as concerns of performance, availability and security have for the most part been addressed by the hardware providers that deliver the underlying technology and we have seen an evolution from test and dev on the cloud to new and critical applications being run in a multi-tenant environment.

OnX has recently provisioned clients onto our Federated Cloud platform and in several cases the clients were launching new applications and didn’t really know what kind of capacity they were going to require and didn’t want to deploy a large dedicated hardware environment, so the cloud was a perfect solution.  In two cases we had the clients up and running in a few days and they have been able to scale as their business demanded without a large up front capital deployment.

If you follow OnX’s twitter or press releases you know that we recently were certified as a Cloud Provider and Builder.  We will also be at Cisco Plus, a premier partner and customer forum in Toronto on May 16th at the Toronto Congress Centre .  Listen to us on 680 News and hear our new Cloud radio spots.