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Closing the gap between open-source technologies and enterprise-level IT

At OnX, we really enjoy helping our clients figure out how to develop and manage private cloud environments with cloud-native applications. That’s what inspired us to open our new HPE Helion Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE) at the OnX NYC Demo Center.

The new CCOE has three main components:

  • HPE Helion OpenStack (HOS) 2.0 for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).
  • HPE Helion Development Platform (HDP) 2.0 for Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).
  • HPE Cloud Service Automation (CSA) for Hybrid IT.

OnX is the first HPE Partner in the U.S. to offer a CCOE based on the latest releases of the HPE Helion Software (HPE HOS 2.0 and HDP 2.0 were released in November 2015).

Why go with HPE Helion? For starters, it has the full backing of HP Enterprise, one of the biggest names in enterprise IT. But what really matters is how HPE Helion takes advantage of the flexibility, scalability and cost benefits of the OpenStack cloud computing infrastructure, which allows customers to transform their operations into a modern hybrid IT environment. In short, this means IT staff can handle almost any kind of business demand with either their traditional IT processes, a private cloud computing-style environment or public cloud providers.

With the HPE Helion software stack deployed in the OnX CCOE, we can help our clients confront these IT initiatives, navigate their cloud journey and close the gap between open-source technologies and enterprise-level IT. For all the enthusiasm over the cloud and open-source software, there are still a lot of thorny challenges that need to be worked out to ensure that packages like OpenStack are robust enough for enterprise-level IT. The new CCOE will help us resolve some of those challenges and strengthen the use case for open-source and cloud technologies in the enterprise.

Demonstrating the potential of enterprise cloud technology

The CCOE is a full collaboration between OnX and HPE. Our job is to configure, acquire, install and host an HPE Helion Rack, while the folks at HPE will use Helion Professional Services to install and deploy the HPE Helion software and provide the knowledge transfer to OnX.

The OnX CCOE is built on a robust cloud platform with a dozen of the hottest cloud-based technologies in the industry. We’ll use it as a springboard for full demonstrations or POCs for:

  • Creating and managing a private cloud with OpenStack.
  • Deploying cloud-native applications.
  • Managing workloads in a hybrid cloud environment.

These are some of the powerful tools in the CCOE:

  • OpenStack’s Kilo release, which has been hardened for the enterprise with Helion Lifecycle Management (HLM). This allows users to build, manage and operate open-source private clouds on a resilient and maintainable platform.
Screenshot of HPE Helion OpenStack 2.0 Architecture
  • HPE Helion Development Platform 2.0, a PaaS for developers to build cloud native applications in either a JAVA, Node, PHP or .NET programming environment, using Cloud Foundry and Docker at its core and deploying across private and public clouds.
Screenshot of HPE Helion Development Platform 2.0 Architecture
  • HPE Cloud Services Automation (CSA v4.5), the third software stack deployed on the OnX CCOE to provide a cloud brokerage service for hybrid IT. CSA provides ready-to-use workflows and contents to deploy and manage workloads on private and public cloud infrastructures including VMware, OpenStack, AWS and Azure.
Screenshot of HPE Helion Cloud Service Automation

Thanks to our development team

Our thanks go to the OnX sponsors: Steve Lankard, Rick Crouch, Heidi Ralyea and Jack Schwartz, and to the OnX SAs who built this OnX CCOE: Andre Bellotti, Michael Kleid, Jim Brown, Thomas Wreh and Dave Gembicki. We also would like to thank the HPE sponsors Elaine Chiasson and Michele Mulcare; HPE Account SAs John Richardson and Shari Linville; HPE Helion SA Ed Banaag; and HPE Professional Services Engineers Ben Zadeh, Pablo Cortijo Castilla and Jeff Mar Telesford.

John Richardson and Shari Linville from HPE
Michael Kleid and Andre Bellotti

Upcoming WebEx Sessions

The OnX OPEN team is planning a series of sales and technical WebEx sessions for the OnX Sales and SA community that will be recorded for the OnX University. The team is also working on a series of application on-boarding documents to be used in POCs with prospect customers. For more detailed information or for any demo requests, contact Andre Bellotti, Michael Kleid or any member of the OnX OPEN Team at