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Address gaps in data protection before you fail

Source: EMC Pulse Product & Technology Blog, Author Chris Ratcliffe.      

 Data Protection is one of the least glamorous yet important disciplines in the data center.  In many respects it’s like being the goalkeeper in a soccer game – when you do your job effectively, it’s easy to get overlooked.  But, if you fail, it happens when everyone is watching and it generally results in a loss.

As organizations seek new ways to drive efficiencies and reduce costs, the need for data protection doesn’t go away.   More often than not, it actually becomes much more important.  Customers want their data to be protected wherever it resides, regardless of whether it is in their data center or in the cloud.  They also want it to be easily accessible irrespective of where the data is located.

So how do you know if you have the right level of protection and where are the gaps?  Find out more…