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Go to the cloud, but with your eyes open.

Source: HP Source Blog, Author Christian Verstraete.  

Infrastructure-as-a-Service is increasingly seen as a commodity and many clients are actually getting upset when feeling like they are locked into a particular technology. The latest price reductions continue to demonstrate this commoditization as they remove the possibility for suppliers to truly innovate. These days, the debate focuses on the workloads, on what you put on that infrastructure. And discussion is important because it forces a new thinking.

From technology to service focus


Traditionally, IT departments have been technology focused (with heavy emphasis on the latest tool or feature). Organizations were, and often are, organized around technologies. This brought with it costs and delays most IT teams can no longer afford. The use of cloud and the focus on workloads and services changes the game. The question now is what service you deliver to the end user, and how well and quickly you can do so. This leads to a rethinking of the role of IT all together. Combining the needs for changing in focus with the increased pervasiveness of information technology in the digital enterprise, requires companies to rethink their approach to technology. But they need a trigger… [Read More]

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