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OnX Four Questions for IT Staffing Partners

Four questions for IT staffing partners

At OnX, our OnDemand Residency Services can assist your organization with finding, securing, and building lasting partnerships with the technical experts you need. In choosing the OnDemand solution, your organization can rest assured that it is engaging with an experienced IT staffing partner to seek out the talented IT individuals that it needs. IT staffing […]

OnX IT recruiters deliver better outcomes than AI

IT recruiters deliver better outcomes than AI

Let’s discuss two reasons why recruiters play a key role in the IT industry that AI simply cannot match. 1) Recruiters are able to connect with people on a personal level. At its most basic, recruiting is about developing relationships. A relationship not only with the client–but with prospective IT professionals to fill that client’s […]

OnX OnDemand Residency Services help CIOs fill the IT efficiency gap

Every industry sector has specific IT requirements, and that means each industry is looking for specialized IT skill sets who are familiar with their ever-changing technology landscape and can meet their strategic business objectives. Acquiring technicians with years of experience can be difficult, so many companies are left with the option of hiring individuals who […]